Painting Dead Pigeons

Sorry your message could not be delivered

Just finished a painting, titled Sorry your message could not be delivered. Came together surprisingly quickly, so thinking I'll be painting another dead pigeon now. Both will then be shown in an upcoming youth exhibition at Umbrella Gallery, called the Audio-Technica Young Artist Prize.

Oh, and if you're interested in entering a work yourself, you still can until 1pm Sunday February 5. You can get all the details and entry forms here - I know Aaron would appreciate you putting a work in. And the theme is Messages by the way - just to clear up the dead pigeon thing. Thought it might seem less weird if you knew that.


Almost finished the second, significantly smaller, pigeon painting. Just need to do some line work to bring the bird forward from the background and define the form a little better, once the oils dry. Oils take forever to dry...