El Jefe (detail)

El Jefe

The screenprint I (and John even more so with all the organising and printing!) have been working on is now finished, and will be on show in the Supervillains exhibition at Brush and Press Studio in Flinders Street.

There's an opening celebration this Friday night 7pm, so come along to socialise and see some sweet works by artists including Douglas Arana, John Bradshaw, Kenny Deaner, Simon Fleming, Byron Howells, Dylan Howells, Garth Jankovich, Shane Keen, Ron McBurnie, Gerald Soworka, Josh Dykgraaf, Jonathan McBurnie and Steven Saphore.

You can see a photo of the finished work by clicking here.

With all works meant to be inspired by comic book artwork and about 'supervillains', obviously, I wanted to steer clear of a fictional character and illustrate a living person whose own deeds are worthy of the term. Coming in at #8 on Parade's list of top 10 Worst Dictators is an interesting figure, Equatorial Guinea's Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo - sometimes referred to as 'El Jefe' ('the boss'). His ranking hasn't prevented chummy photos being taken with current US President Obama.

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