First screen print in about 5 years

While at university, I did a fair amount of screen printing - a medium I found really enjoyable. Unfortunately, given my lack of equipment (and time) it's been about 5 years between now and my last screen print. That also means I'd mostly forgotten the process...

Luckily, I've got the opportunity to put a screen print in an upcoming exhibition called Supervillains, being organised by Kath Bailey and Shane Keen. Supervillains will be held at Jo Lankester's Brush and Press Studio (Flinders Street) from 1 April until 20 May. A little about the show below from Kath Bailey:

Fourteen male artists will display their print forms ranging across etching, linocut, woodcut, screenprint and digital prints. Artists will explore the dynamic influence of comic book art as it mingles with their own arts practice, be it aerosol, digital or traditional art. Townsville artists included are Douglas Arana, John Bradshaw, Kenny Deaner, Simon Fleming, Byron Howells, Dylan Howells, Garth Jankovich, Shane Keen, Ron McBurnie, Eric Nash and Gerald Soworka. Sending artworks from Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne are Josh Dykgraaf, Jonathan McBurnie and Steven Saphore.

There's an opening being organised (I believe for 7pm 30 March) - all welcome to attend.

Below are some photos of how my print is developing. ALOT of credit has to go to the very talented John Bradshaw for assistance in exposing the screens and printing - given I'd forgotten how and didn't have the resources. John's been fantastic in taking time to work on my print, especially given he still needs to work on a piece of his own for the show!

Images: John Bradshaw drying the first layer; First layer printed; Set up to print the second layer; Second layer printed; Third layer drying; Third layer printed; Drawing the fourth and final black layer to expose a new screen.

I'll put up a final image and a bit about the work and 'El Jefe' - the character featured - when the show is installed.