The Red Tape

The Red Tape: Now Showing

Again, a quick thankyou to all that attended the opening of The Red Tape at The Sweatshop on Saturday 4 August. I know a number of you went to some effort to attend, and it is appreciated. The exhibition will remain on show until the end of August, for those who haven't had a chance to check it out but want to. Images of the works in the Gallery are also below, while high-res images of each work can be found in the 'View Selected Works' tab.

Thanks must also go to Mark Allen for his work and support, and a number of other people who've assisted and contributed along the way, including Ben Wilson for helping me build the frames to the large works. Mark has also put some social shots from the opening up on The Sweatshop facebook page - if you're interested in checking them out, click here.

Install shot 1 Install shot 2
Install shot 3 Install shot 4
Install shot 5 Install shot 6

So I thought having this project out of the way would have me in limbo a little bit, but other projects have certainly come on in a rush. Here's a quick cap of what I've started, or will be starting, work on:

*Assisting in the development of an exhibition at The Sweatshop in December 2012 for a group of friends.
*Working on a painting to form the basis of some album artwork - a project I promised a friend from long ago. Quick progress shot below.
Album cover artwork start

*Developing some more 30minute - 1hour skull paintings, like the one I dropped at The Sweatshop today, shown below.

  • Fracture in green and mess

    *A commissioned skull triptych.
    *Solidifying plans for my next solo exhibition, which I plan on being a cathartic experience, and seeking a venue.
    *Experimenting with deeper canvases and the use of epoxy resins to create greater sense of depth in my work, and retain the high sheen of the work that is apparent and appealing while they're still wet, particularly the areas that contain astral style textures.
    *Keeping an eye on the Temporary Gallery competition I entered the large 'The Red Tape' painting into. If successful, it might be included in an exhibition in Brisbane.
    *Developing a work for the 2013/14 Australian Stencil Prize.

  • So never a dull moment!

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