The Red Tape

The Red Tape

Progress is very, very slow with the painting for this exhibition. Things are going to get tight, no doubt.

But on the organisation side of things, invites and posters are printed and will start going up and around in about two weeks ahead of the opening celebration on August 4 - an image of the invite is below though, so consider yourself invited.

Will hopefully get time to update the website fully before the exhibition with high quality images of the completed works, particularly for those people I've bombarded and bothered with progress images on facebook who may not be able to get to the show.

Also - oil paint is expensive. Everyone be warned, steer clear of the shit. Messy gold. And easily wasted when in the hands of someone with comparable skill and dexterity to an untrained mountain goat. Seriously, I'm just lathering layers of it on there until I get lucky most of the time.

Red Tape opening

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